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Address Information

  • Broad Lane, Rochdale


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About Springhill Hospice

Springhill Hospice first opened its doors back in 1989. We are a 16 bedded purpose-built facility offering specialist palliative care to patients and their families from diagnosis to end-of-life. For more information on the services we offer click here.

The clinical care provided by our Hospice is underpinned by a range of corporate services comprising administration, finance, fundraising and support services (catering, cleaning, etc.). Staff working in these areas focus on the non-clinical aspects of patient and visitor care, as well as facilitating the resourcing of patient services.

Our Hospice is embedded in the local community and receives huge support from the people of Rochdale and surrounding areas. We also attract hundreds of volunteers who help and support our patients in all areas of the Hospice.

Our Mission

As a Specialist Palliative Care Unit, Springhill Hospice:

  • provides the highest standard of physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual care for patients with life limiting illnesses and their families, friends and carers;
  • encourages patients to maintain independence and control and to make informed choices, whilst respecting privacy and dignity;
  • offers advice and support from the time of referral, throughout the illness and into the bereavement period;
  • offers post bereavement therapies, psychotherapy and counselling;
  • offers information and education to patients, families, friends, carers and professionals, to promote a high standard of Palliative Care across the community;
  • respects all cultural, religious and personal beliefs, placing the emphasis of care on individual need;
  • audits and reviews the services it provides to ensure appropriate clinical standards are maintained and services are delivered effectively.