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Care Services / RBH ( Rochdale Boroughwide Housing )

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  • Sandbrook House, Sandbrook Way, Rochdale.

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About RBH

Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH) is the UK’s first tenant and employee co-owned mutual housing society, with over 12,000 homes throughout the local area.

Being part of the co-operative and mutual movement RBH is, of course, aligned with the international co-operative principles. The Representative Body has agreed our values:

  • Responsibility – We take responsibility for, and answer for, our actions
  • Equity – We carry on our business in a way that is fair and unbiased
  • Democracy – We give our members a say in the way we run our business
  • Pioneering – We will seek to be a leader in the way we meet challenges and seek solutions
  • Openness & Honesty – We will share information, do what we say we will do and when we make a mistake we will own up to it
  • Caring – We will listen and respond to the needs of our members, tenants and employees
  • Championing – We will encourage members to take responsibility for our communities and work together to improve them

Lots of services. Help for those living alone and in isolation
Equipment to help in the home.