Better Health 4 Middleton

Address Information

  • The Chertwell Wellbeing Hub, Chertwell Avenue, Heywood. OL10 4SY

Telephone Numbers


Operate Mon - Friday 9am to 5pm

About Possibilities

We are a social enterprise and we support vulnerable people so that they can ‘Live the life they choose’.

Mostly we support people with learning disabilities, young people leaving care and people with dementia…though we do lot’s of other great things too.

We don’t have any complicated mission statements that nobody can understand, or anything like that. Just a clear and simple set of values that we all try to live by every day.

It’s something that emanates from our Board of Directors and permeates through the whole organisation.

We think it comes from having an eclectic mix of people who can combine the rigour of FTSE 100 companies with the sense of adventure, enterprise and love for what we do that started PossAbilities in the first place.